Meet the dynamic duo

Meet the dynamic duo

Hey guys! Our names are Alyssa and Jack! Welcome to Sol Society, the heartbeat of positive vibes and vibrant medical scrubs!
Welcome to Sol Society! 🌞

We're the dream team behind the scenes, Alyssa and Jack, and we're here to brighten your workdays and those of your patients and clients.

Let's start with Alyssa. She's not just any radiation therapist; she's a compassionate soul who has witnessed the powerful impact of positivity in cancer care. Alyssa knows that a cheerful atmosphere can turn a cancer treatment room into a place of hope and healing. She knows that a warm smile, a kind word, and the right pair of scrubs can turn a challenging day into a brighter one. With this insight, she set out on a mission to merge her passion for patient care with her love for art and design.

Now, let's talk about the brains behind the scenes - that's Jack. He's our logistics and numbers guru, the one who ensures that Sol Society runs like a well-oiled machine. He's the one who creates the deadlines - and keeps Alyssa organised! With his expertise, we can focus on what we do best: spreading positivity and style throughout healthcare.

And speaking of style.. those patterns you see on our scrubs? They're as unique as a shooting star. Alyssa and Jack, yes, both of them, have poured their creative energies into crafting one-of-a-kind patterns that you won't find anywhere else. They spend months designing each part of their scrubs, making sure they are perfected. Now they can be a source of joy for both you and those around you.

We're firm believers in the power of positive energy in a work environment. Whether you're in a hospital, clinic, or any other setting, a positive atmosphere can transform the way you work and interact with others. Our vibrant scrubs are like a ray of sunshine, spreading joy to your patients and clients and making every day a little brighter.

Sol Society scrubs are not just about looks; they're designed for comfort and flexibility. Picture this: a microstretch fabric blend of rayon, spandex, and lycra that allows you to move freely while feeling as cozy as a hug. The jogger-style bottoms keep you moving with ease and style, no matter what your day throws at you.

Our scrubs are perfect for healthcare professionals, beauty therapists, or anyone who wants to make a statement while bringing joy and comfort to their workplace. So, if you're a passionate professional looking to make a statement while bringing joy and comfort to your workplace, you're in the right place. Join us on this colourful journey, and together, we'll light up the world,  one vibrant scrub at a time.

Sol Society - where compassion meets style, and positivity is our superpower. Get ready to shine because, together, we make every day a little brighter! 🌞🌈