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Key Features

🌊 Signature Light Blue Colour: Stand out and spread positive vibes in our iconic light blue shade.

🌊 Microstretch Magic: Crafted with microstretch fabric including spandex, rayon, and lycra for that unbeatable comfort and flexibility.

🌊 Functional Pockets: Keep your essentials close with convenient pockets on your jacket.

🌊 Ribbed Sleeves: Snug and comfy ribbed sleeves that fit just right around your wrists.

🌊 Matching Buttons: Because details matter - our jackets come with matching buttons for that perfect finish.

🌊 Easy Care: Machine washable, dry cleanable, and iron-friendly - your jacket will always look its best!

🌊 Size for Everyone: Available in sizes small, medium, and large to ensure the perfect fit for every superhero in scrubs!

Need a jacket that keeps up with your hustle? SEA BREEZE Scrub Jacket is here for you! Grab yours now and take your scrub game to a whole new level. 🩺🚀🌊

Fabric Details

Fabric: Microstretch Material

Composition: Polyester, Spandex, Rayon

Stretch: Excellent 4-way stretch

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, low iron heat, dry cleanable

Size Guide

Nicola wears a size Medium. Is 5'4"

Hey there, Scrub Stars! We know you're not just saving lives; you're doing it in style. Our scrubs are designed to make you look and feel amazing, and nailing the right size is key to that comfy, confident vibe. Here's the lowdown:

📏 True to Size: Our scrubs are as true as your bestie's advice. If you usually rock a size 6-8, go for the Small; if you're a perfect 10-12, Medium's your jam; and for those fabulous 14-16, Large has got your back! If you're size 18-20, Extra Large would feel amazing! Our brand new 2XL sizing is available in our new collection too! REMEMBER: they may feel snug at first - but give them an hour of moving and they mould to you!!

🚻 Unisex and Loving It: Scrub love knows no gender! Our unisex design ensures everyone gets a piece of the comfort cake. No need to compromise style for fit; we've got you all covered.

💃 Stretchy and Moveable: We get it, you gotta hustle. Our scrubs are made with super-stretchy fabric. They move with you and mould to your body shape - so don’t be scared if they are a bit snug at the start.. they will stretch with wear!! (Literally - give in 1 hour in them and you’ll notice the difference!) Now you can dance through your shifts like nobody's watching.

Size Guide:

    Pro Tips:

    🌟Remember, our scrubs have got that magical stretch, so they'll adapt to your awesome shape.

    🌟If you're unsure, you can always check our detailed size chart for measurements.

    🌟Remember, these are just guides to help you on your scrubtastic journey.

    🌟 If you ever have questions or need more info, feel free to reach out to our scrub squad. 

    Now go ahead, pick your size, and let's make healthcare fashionably awesome together! 💃👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

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